Signode BXT2 Combination Tool

Signode BXT2 Combination Tool

Signode BXT2 is a series of battery operated tools by Signode designed for accepting polyester strapping. A wide range of tools are available in this series, allowing you to choose the perfect option for specific types of applications. It provides higher level of flexibility as you can run it in both automatic and manual modes. It is recommended to use in the automatic mode for ease of use and speed.

Technical Specifications

The Signode BXT2 combination tool series comprises of the following tools with different PET strap size accepting capabilities:

The BXT2-32 has the highest tension rating in this series of battery operated tools by Signode. It can pull 225 lbs (1,000N) to 1,125 lbs (5,004N) in light mode and 560 lbs (2,490N) to 1,460 lbs (6494N) in standard mode.

Automatic Poly Strapping Operation

The battery operated tools by Signode pulls the poly strapping to the preset level. Then it will automatically weld and cut to complete the application. Because it is a high tension tool, a safety sensor has been added to protect operator’s hand. It will prevent the user’s hand from accidently coming under the strapping.

Signode BXT3

The Signode BXT3 combination tools are the next generation of battery-powered poly strapping tools that take the legacy of the BXT2 forward. It is even more durable than its predecessor. It has a new solid base and does away with the rocker arm in the earlier tool. Due to this reason, the tool is easier to remove after tensioning. This also makes it easier to use with objects having smaller and round surfaces.

The new Signode BXT3 combination tools have the strongest model, the BXT3-32, can pull up to 1,600 lbs of tension. It runs on 36V (5 amp) Li-Ion batteries.

Tool Repair & Parts

Professional Tool repair for Signode BXT2 is available from factory-trained and certified technicians. The tool can be repaired and returned with quick turnaround.

You can also order parts for Signode BXT2 and replace them on your own. All the common wear parts are readily available for order. All the accessories are also easily available. Make sure to choose the right accessory based on the type of application to increase the speed of operation and make the application easier.

Alternative Tools

The GripPack series of tools comprising of grippack cutter, tensioner and sealer are powerful alternatives for the Signode BXT2 tools. Both the tool series are from Signode, but BXT2 offers the advantages of a combination tool.