Help, my BXT2-32 will not work in auto mode!!!

Did the BXT2-32 trick you too?  Well, I feel for you.  As a seasoned strapping tool guy, I could not get the tool to work.  I had been invited to be one of the first to see the tool, and was with the top two Signode designers that run Signode’s development program.  I loaded up the banding, hit the tension button expecting the BXT2-32 to jump to lift like the BXT2-19 would.  But nothing.  Like an idiot, I jogged the button again and again, and the BXT2 just sat there looking cute.  The Signode expert came in to help, but soon said the tool was a prototype, and they were having problems with it!?!

There is an extra button on the back, near the battery.  It takes 2 hands to turn this tool on. Your right hand pushes the tension button, and your left hand pushes the rear sensor of the BXT2-32.  The extra sensor makes it almost impossible to strap your hand to the table in auto mode.  This tool pulls so much tension on the strap, they designed in a safety mechanism to keep you fingers out from under the banding.


We are going to have video up at Allstrap, showing a host of people failing to operate the BXT2-32 (also called the BXT2-25) correctly the first time.  Fails include: experienced BXT2 repairman, strapping tool design engineer, and our warehouse guy.  So don’t worry, it happens to just about everyone!

Josh Sikora  is president of Allstrap Steel & Poly Strapping Systems