Signode BXT2-19

Signode BXT2-19

The Signode BXT2-19 is a battery powered combination tool designed for running poly straps of width 5/8” and 3/4”. It runs in both fully-automatic and semi-automatic modes and accepts both polypropylene and polyester straps. It is one of the fastest tools currently available in the market. You can easily and quickly switch between the straps by changing the guides. This lightweight tool weighs just 9.3 lbs and pulls up to 880 lbs of tension on the strap.

Technical Specifications

The key technical aspects of the Signode BXT2-19 are as following:

  • Strapping: Polyester & polypropylene strapping of width 5/8” to 3/4”
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs
  • Tension: Soft Mode – 88 lbs to 350 lbs & Normal Mode – 260 lbs to 880 lbs

Using the Signode BXT2-19

Once the operator has set the tension, the battery operated tool will pull the plastic strapping to the set level. It will then weld and cut it. There is a count down to zero before the tool can be removed. This ensures that the battery tool is removed only when the weld has cooled down. The BXT2-19 can be used for both light and heavy-duty applications. It can pull anything from just 88 lbs to ten times as much, making it a highly versatile tool.


  • Ergonomic design and two-button mode help in making strapping applications easy and quick
  • The light weight and ergonomic design further help in reducing operator fatigue
  • The automatic mode helps ensure faster and easier operations with one-button operation
  • The BXT2-19 can run both polyester and polypropylene strapping, making it a highly versatile tool
  • It features latest BOSCH battery design that minimizes contact damage
  • The latest brushless motor minimizes wear and extends the tool’s life

Repair & Accessories

Signode BXT2-19 tool repair services are available from factory-certified technicians. If the tool needs maintenance or repair in the future, you can avail repair services with quick turnaround.

All the accessories for the BXT2-19 are easily available for ordering separately. The right accessory can further help in improving the battery tool’s performance and overall productivity.

The Signode Battery powered tools unique design gives it an edge over the competition. There is no risk of the tool tipping during operation because it offers a very tight grip. It is also lightweight and well balanced so that operator can easily hold it in one hand. The BXT2-19 can be used in different strapping positions and with irregular-shaped, round, and small-interface loads with utmost ease.