What to expect from your new Signode BXT2-19

The BXT2-19 from Signode comes with 2 batteries (18 volt lithium) and a charger. Charge the first battery and slide it into the BXT tool (keep the other battery on the charger so you never are out of power). We like running the tool in automatic mode. Hit the function button (round F) till the LED lights next to automatic. Next set the tension, you can experiment on your package to determine level (1-9) to set. Let’s start in the middle and dial up or down from there. Hit the function then the green tension button. Repeat pressing the green button till you get the right number, 5 is a good place to start. The weld is critical to get right. Your BXT tool gets 80% joint, but you need to set it for the strapping. The friction weld works on a timer. If you are using 3/4″ x .040″, you should start with 5. If you are using 3/4″ x .050″ start at 7.

Now that your bxt2 is set, you can expect the easiest packaging experience out there!