Combination Battery Tool

Signode is a trusted name when it comes to strapping equipment. Their products are used in the industries around the world. All the products brought out by Signode are durable and longer lasting, designed by their in-house design team, which works round the clock developing new designs for tools, keeping in mind the requirements of the industry. The BXT2-16 is one such tool that is a combination battery powered tool.

The BXT2-16 uses the powerful lithium ion battery and has the reputation for being easy to use, fast and efficient. The battery lasts longer and it can be easily switched from semi-automatic to automatic mode. It is a very versatile tool and has become popular in the industries in a very short time.


Signode is very particular about safety while using their tools. This is one of the reasons that they bring out a comprehensive safety and user manual with every tool they manufacture. They also provide sufficient training to the users when they purchase one of their tools. They also help in installing and trouble shooting equipment if the customer has a problem while using it.

The BXT2 tool series is available in 3 different sizes:

3/8″- 1/2″ – BXT2-10

5/8″- 3/4″ – BXT2-19

1″- 1 1/4″ – BXT2-32

All the above tools have good safety features and are reliable. They are not known to break down during harsh strapping conditions. As the tools are light in weight, the operator can carry them around easily. Unlike pneumatic tools, these tools do not need airlines running around the floor and that is an added advantage. This tool eliminates operator fatigue to a large extent and so operators find it a very convenient tool.

As with all Signode tools, the BXT2-16 also comes with a comprehensive user and safety manual.  Signode insists that all operators follow the safety instructions in the manual, like wearing safety gloves and goggles while operating the tool. When a tool fails to function after trouble shooting as per the manual, it is better to send the tool for repairs to a certified technician rather than the operator fiddling with it.

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