Signode Grip Pack 114 Sealer

Signode Grip Pack 114 Sealer

The Signode Grip Pack 114 Sealer is a battery-powered steel strapping sealer, the first of its kind designed for accepting high-tensile steel straps of width 1-1/4”. This is a lightweight, easy-to-use battery tool that can complete more than 200 cycles per charge. It is designed to increase speed and productivity in heavy-duty strapping applications.

Technical Specifications

The main technical specifications of the Signode Grip Pack 114 are as following:

  • Strapping Type: Steel strapping
  • Strapping Dimensions: 3/4” (19mm) or 1-1/4” (32mm) width & 0.025” (0.64mm) to 0.031” (0.80mm) thickness
  • Weight: 8 lbs or 3.6 kg

Using this steel strapping sealer is easy and quick. Place the tool over the seal and pull the trigger. It will smoothly and instantly seal the joint. It features a special sensor for detecting the steel strap and this helps ensure that there is no misfire. The Grip Pack 114 sealer weighs just 8 lbs and is perfect for mobile strapping applications.

This sealer is designed for use with the grippack 114 Tensioner. Together, these battery tools allow you to complete heavy-duty steel strapping applications without having to use heavy pneumatic tools that are difficult to transport. It helps in increasing performance without having to bear the high cost of air generation. It also provides higher consistency compared to pneumatic-powered tools.

This sealer is designed for use with one hand. It features single-button operation and has performance-boosting features that make it better than pneumatically powered alternatives in improving efficiency and productivity. These are features found across all the signode battery powered sealers.


Some of the main advantages of using the Grip Pack 114 Sealer are as following:

  • Lightweight tool that weighs just 8 lbs
  • Ergonomic, one-hand use design for reducing operator fatigue
  • There are no pneumatic air lines to deal with
  • Higher consistency than pneumatic tools and delivers more secure seal every time
  • Highly durable signode battery powered sealers

Repair & Accessories

All the accessories for the Signode Grip Pack 114 Sealer are readily available for order along with the tool. You can choose the right accessory to increase efficiency and make the tool easier to use.

Besides, tool repair services are also available from experienced and certified technicians. The heavy-duty battery tool can be repaired and returned within a short turnaround. As all parts are readily available, the tool can be repaired quickly. You can also place order for its common wear parts.