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Signode’s BXT2 series consisting of battery powered combination strapping tools for poly strapping is the most popular in packaging tools and used in several industries across the world. The BXT2-32 is ideal for heavy duty strapping applications in lumber and metal industries. These industries who were reluctant to switch over from steel strapping to poly strapping now use this automatic combination tool for poly strapping and have made it a standard tool to use in the industry.

The BXT2-32 is a fully automatic strapping tool that use the powerful 36 volt lithium Ion battery. It works with 1″ and 1 1/4″ PET strapping with a maximum joint efficiency of 75%. As with the other tools in this series, the BXT2-32 also comes with 2 batteries and a charger. Due to this the operator saves a lot of time. As one battery is charging the other is put to use. Many in the industry consider this tool a worthy investment.

The BXT2-32 can be run either in manual or automatic mode. The manual mode has a tensioning button and welding and cutting button. The tension button can be toggled and the feed wheel pulls until the button is released. Most operators prefer the automatic mode as the tool does everything and the process is very simple. The operator can preset the tensioning level and tool takes over from there, tension, welds and then cuts.

Due to the enormous strength of the tool, a safety sensor has been added by Signode recently on the back of the tool near the battery. This sensor ensures that the operators hand will not get squashed under the banding as both the hands are on the tool. Signode also has a comprehensive safety and user manual and insists that operators always were safety goggles and hand gloves while operating the tool.

As the BXT2-32 is a heavy duty tool, wear and tear are less when compared to its other competitors. The tool also has a brushless motor that is durable and contributes to the cost effectiveness of the tool. All tools in the BXT2 series are equipped with the lithium ion battery and it has become very popular among users. Productivity has increased in the industries and users believe that it is a worthy investment.

The battery has an increased life and it holds charge for a long time. It also recharges quickly. This tool is a great alternative to steel banding. The BXT2-32 can pull up to 1600 pounds of tension and uses the friction weld sealing.

For more information on the BXT2 series or repairs of any tool, call Allstrap’s customer service department. They keep Signode tools in stock, and have more experience with heavy duty strapping.


BXT2-32 Largest Battery Powered Strapping Tool

The lithium ion battery is in great demand. It is being used by the strapping tool industry to make new and innovative tools that can be more efficient and effective and therefore increase productivity in the industry. The BXT2-32 is another tool by Signode in the BXT2 series which is very capable for heavy duty strapping applications.

The BXT2-32 is quite popular in industries like lumber and metal alloy industries that were largely using only steel banding. This tool is a fully automatic combination strapping tool and uses a powerful 36V lithium ion battery. It works with 1” and 1 ¼ ”

PET strapping and gives a maximum joint efficiency of 75%. This tool comes with two batteries and a charger.

The lithium ion battery is a good find for the strapping tool industry as it has increased productivity. It has also proven cost effective to the industries where it is largely being used. The battery is long lasting and durable. It charges quickly in 15 to 20 minutes.

The BXT2-32 can be very flexible as it can be run manually, or automatically. In the manual mode there is a tension button and weld/cut button. This tool is like many other smaller strapping tools where the tension button can be toggled and the feedwheel is pulled until the button is released. Most companies prefer the automatic mode as it is not only easy but quicker.

The BXT2-32 is very operator friendly and light in weight. The operator can carry it around the workplace easily without getting tired. As it is a combination tool, it can pull tension according the preset level fixed by the operator. After the tensioning it automatically switches over to weld and cut. Due to the excessive strength of this tool, Signode has added a safety sensor to the back of the tool near the battery. This sensor makes sure that the operator’s hand does not get smashed under the banding as both his hands will be on the tool.

As this is a heavy duty tool, wear and tear are minimal and greatly reduced when compared to other similar tools in the market. Due to the brushless motor, the tool is highly durable and very cost effective. All the BXT2-series tools are fixed with the lithium ion battery which adds to the effectiveness of this tool.

Allstrap highly recommends this tool. Call Allstrap for enquiries regarding Signode tools or for any repairs.


Battery Powered Strapping Tool from Signode

For use with 1″ or 1.25″ high strength polyester strapping.  We have seen this used with AAR82 1 1/4″ PET strapping in hardwood lumber applications.  It is used in automotive tiers, and rail car manufacturing.  We expect the BXT2-32 will soon be strapping up blanks, and cut to length metal, in very heavy industry.

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